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About T. Ringgold Academy. 

Founded in May of 2013, Team Ringgold Academy of Arts began as a Premier Vocal Coaching right from the comfort of our founder's home. Recognizing the need for a creative outlet, particularly in the realm of music, within the Central Texas community, we embarked on a journey to provide high-quality instruction and support for aspiring creatives.


Since our humble beginnings, our academy has experienced remarkable growth and success. With dedication and passion, we have had the privilege of serving over 200 clients, helping them unlock their artistic potential and pursue their dreams in the world of music and performing arts.

At T. Ringgold Academy of Arts, we are more than just a music school—we are a community of artists, educators, and enthusiasts committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment where creativity flourishes and dreams take flight.

T. Ringgold Music Academy

About Toni 

Hailing from Austin, TX, by way of Harker Heights, Texas, Toni Ringgold has been making her mark in the entertainment industry since 2009. Music is in her roots and singing in the church is where she started. Her captivating voice has taken her all over the country and put her on many stages. From Sunset Blvd to the Symphony Orchestra, her grace and sincere delivery grips every audience. But don’t put her in a box just yet.


Toni is a multifaceted force to be reckoned with! She is a radio personality with B106, a Broadway World nominated actress, talented songwriter, and the proud owner of T. Ringgold Academy of Arts where she helps others find their unique musical voice through private voice, piano, public speaking, and acting courses - virtually or in person!


Her single “SHINE”, released as a tribute to her coined motto “There’s enough sun, for EVERYONE to shine” made international charts including Amazon’s Hot New Releases- Soul (UK), Top 10 in the West Indies, and has continuous airplay in the U.S. Her goal is simple, to put a smile on people’s faces and to inspire them to go after their dreams. If she can do it, they can too!

About Toni

About Our Instructors

Meet Mrs. Valarie Scott 

(Vocal Coach)

Mrs. Scott is on a mission to inspire others. Her approach goes beyond teaching singing; she aims to ignite a passion for creativity. Drawing from her diverse experiences, Mrs. Scott believes that everyone harbors creativity within, waiting to be unleashed. Her key tool for unlocking this potential is encouragement, paving the way for others to find their unique creative spot.



Meet Mrs. Cheyenne Lyon

(Piano Instructor)


Hailing from the dynamic Dallas area, where her musical journey began at the age of four. With an impressive 17 years of piano experience, she's cultivated her passion for music from a young age, surrounded by a family of musical enthusiasts.

From tuning into classic hits by The Eagles and The Beatles to immersing herself in the soulful sounds of the Vaughn brothers, music has always been her driving force. Now, she's excited to share her love for music with students of all ages, inspiring them to embark on their own musical adventures.

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